Networking to find your ideal target connection

I am on a tear about prospecting recently as I make connections to grow The Interview Doctor. Recently I attended a presentation, “Pain-Free Prospecting”, by Dr. Lisa Van Allen that sheds a new light on prospecting or networking for job seekers. Dr. Lisa offers a quiz to evaluate your prospecting skills. I have adjusted this […]

How prepared are you to network to find a job

The longer I work as an entrepreneur the more convinced I am that networking in job search is very similar to prospecting for new clients. I am constantly trying new techniques to meet people who might need help from The Interview Doctor. Today was a perfect example. I was at a Panera catching up with […]

Going out on a Limb … in a Boat!

Imagine the wind on your face, the sun reflected off the water. It is quiet. Life is simpler. I want to go to that place! But like most people, I live in a house with my family and all my stuff. I work hard to maintain all that ‘stuff’ that makes me feel successful. I […]

You say potato…Prospecting & Networking are Important to Entrepreneurs & Job Seekers Alike

I hate prospecting. I hate picking up the phone and making calls. I hate walking into a room full of people I don’t know and talking about myself.  But I have to. I have to prospect for new clients all the time. It is a fact of life for an entrepreneur like me. It is […]

Advice to Fellow Introverts about Networking and Interviewing

We say it over and over. The best way to find a job is from talking to other people who can introduce you to other people. Eventually this process of constant conversation and introductions puts you in site of opportunities. It is a question of numbers. The more people you meet the more likely you […]