Keywords – the new Marco Polo

When I was a kid we spent hours playing Marco Polo around the pool. Remember that game? The kid who was “it” closed her eyes and yelled out “Marco” while all her friends scattered around the pool yelling “Polo” while moving around the pool trying to avoid the kid who was “It”. Eventually the kid […]

Six Tips to have fun in any situation

We were very silly last weekend at the Great Tomato Stomp at the Leamington ONT Tomato Festival! A team of crazy friends including my husband Kermit entered the contest and won by creating the largest amount of tomato juice by stomping two crates of whole tomatoes. Twelve teams entered. It was a blast. What can […]

A better way to find interns? Check out The Interview Doctor’s Talent

Recently I received a LinkedIn invitation to connect from Richard, a mechanical engineering student at University of Akron. The first line of Richard’s summary says, “Mechanical Engineering Co-op student seeking a summer assignment.” His invitation arrived in August probably too late for a summer internship. I accepted of course after reviewing his profile. Richard has […]

When to consider relocation

Joe is an HR executive I’ve known for years. He took early retirement during a restructuring but he still intends to work. We had a conversation recently about his job search. He saw lots of opportunities for relocation in other parts of the country but very little in his town. He wondered what he should […]