Going out on a Limb … in a Boat!

Imagine the wind on your face, the sun reflected off the water. It is quiet. Life is simpler. I want to go to that place! But like most people, I live in a house with my family and all my stuff. I work hard to maintain all that ‘stuff’ that makes me feel successful. I […]

How Is Setting Up Networking Interviews Like Golf?

People often wonder how I can compare Golf to Networking Interviews for a Job Search. But, they are very similar… I recently realized that golf, a game I have known most of my life, can only become MORE satisfying and rewarding if I do three things: Relax and enjoy when you play. No problem there. […]

Getting Something Done – How to Schedule your time during a job search

You work hard eight to ten hours a day, check your email regularly all hours of the day and night, take calls on vacation, and work through lunch. Suddenly you are out of work and have to find another job. You have nothing but time. You clean the garage and all the closets. You finish […]

What does a Job Search Marketing Plan Look Like?

Here at The Interview Doctor, we put our philosophy into writing in our series of books called, The Job Seeker Manifesto. These books, The Job Search Marketing Plan and Resumes 3.0 outline an approach to job search that really works. The most frequent question we get about The Job Search Marketing Plan is, “What should […]