What does a Job Search Marketing Plan Look Like?

Here at The Interview Doctor, we put our philosophy into writing in our series of books called, The Job Seeker Manifesto. These books, The Job Search Marketing Plan and Resumes 3.0 outline an approach to job search that really works.

The most frequent question we get about The Job Search Marketing Plan is, “What should my plan look like?” In this video Katherine shares what some successful job search marketing plans look like.

A job search marketing plan is a document you use to guide your job search. You do not share this document with anyone else. It is no one else’s business. But just like you make a shopping list before going grocery shopping, you need to know what you want when you set out on your job search journey.

If you have questions about creating your own job search marketing plan, just give us a call or drop us a line. We would love to help!


How to Keep your Focus in a Job Search

Ever get so mad or frustrated that you can’t see straight? I feel that way right now. I had an interaction with a job seeker who refuses to adjust his foolish practices. What are we to do with this kind of anger? It gets in the way that is for sure.

It is a bad idea to follow through with your first impulse. Hitting someone or punching a wall is a bad way to get out your anger. Let’s not make the problem worse.

how to stay focused during job searchWe can’t afford to let anger, frustration or dismay interfere with our plans. We have to create a vision of our future then work diligently through hardship and disappointment to reach our goal, even if it seems like we take two steps forward and one step back… or maybe three steps back.

I am trying to remain positive. I am sitting up straight in my chair thinking happy thoughts… It is not working. Maybe I need a walk.

Let’s get practical. Here are some tips for staying positive in the face of adversity:

1. Walk away from the situation until you calm down.
2. Get some exercise. Go for a walk or a run. Go to the gym and lift some weights or hit a punching bag.
3. Create a positive environment. Clean off your desk to remove the mess getting in the way of seeing clearly. Just cleaning gets can clear up a big messy feeling.
4. Put on some wild music and dance like a crazy person until you breathlessly drop to the floor.
5. Put the project aside and take a nap; come back to it when your head is clearer. Sometimes being in a dark room can make you feel calmer.
6. Cry. Ok, don’t cry at work or in public but if you can walk away find a private place to let out your emotions.
7. Play with your dog or cat. Or borrow someone’s dog or cat. Scientists say that petting an animal soothes the wild soul.
8. Make a list of all the work you have to do. Put it all in one place then prioritize. Pick off some easy ones to give yourself a sense of accomplishment.
9. Smile. Listen to a comic and laugh. Fake it if you have to. The act of smiling will eventually bring a real smile to your face.
10. Draw your feelings.
11. Meditate or practice deep breathing exercises to clear out the bad feelings and calm down.
12. Write your feelings in a journal.
13. Go to your happy place. Where would you like to be if you could be anywhere in the entire world? I want to be on a warm tropical island with a fruity drink sitting in the warm sun by the water. I feel calmer already.
14. Count to 100 before doing something drastic. The act of counting requires you to focus on something other than the annoyance in front of you.

When you calm down take a deep breath and address the issue head on. I feel better already!!

What do you do to keep focused and calm in a difficult situation? Share your thoughts in the comment section below or send me a note.

Niches are Riches

A couple of interesting streams of thought crashed together loudly recently. I had a coaching client could not identify his target company. His job search marketing plan until this point consisted exclusively of responding to job ads. Needless to say, not much was happening.

At the same time I participated in a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) sponsored by my alma mater, Northwestern University, on creating strategic online social media content. Odd to think these two concepts collided but they did. Let me explain.

The first step in any social media campaign is to identify your target audience. You can’t just say “everyone can use my product”. Usually it is not true because each individual audience member requires a slightly different approach. This is called “niche marketing”.
how to network for a job on social media
When I started The Interview Doctor business in 2005 my coach, Sherry, kept asking me, “Who is your audience?” I kept responding, “anyone can use this service”. My logic was that everyone knows someone who is out of work or trying to change careers or even someone who wants to advance their career. Any of those people could use my services. Sherry knew that was just not true. But I did not understand. I put out information in a broad peanut butter spread hoping that my material would magically fall into the hands of someone who could use it.

Wrong. This is not the correct approach. Or rather, this approach is less effective. This approach makes you a small fish in a huge pond. You will get overlooked.

The better approach, according to the smart marketing folks at Northwestern University, is to think long and hard about your audience. What do they look like? What do they do? Who are they exactly? Then you can tailor your message to the specific people who will value what you have to offer.

It might be counterintuitive that by tailoring to a specific audience your outreach will be more likely to reach the intended audience than a peanut butter spread message across the masses. It is easy to think that hitting as many people as possible will increase your chances for success.

But actually niches are riches. Being more specific makes you a bigger fish in a smaller pond.

This absolutely applies directly to the job search. My client was directing his message (his marketing) to a huge audience. He received no response. When he more specifically identified his niche (specific jobs, people and companies) marketing became easier. Social networking became easier to do. The people and companies he needed to target became more obvious to him and he became more appealing to his focused audience. He made himself more visible when he was not a small fish in a big pond.

Niche marketing allows you to focus your job search and your message to the intended audience that can actually respond to your message. This saves you time and increases the leverage you get from your effort.

You can earn riches from very targeted niches. Just very specifically understand your audience then market directly to them through the various social networking methods out there. Why waste time and energy?

Everyone Loves a Contest just like Everyone Loves a Great Blog!

A BLOG is a way to share ideas that generate excitement or enhance your world.

A CONTEST is a way to generate excitement, the chance to get something special you did not have before.

promote your personal brand onlineWhat do these two seemingly separate concepts have in common?

Sharing and excitement, contagious excitement that you just want to share with someone else!

As a small business owner I am always looking for ways to generate excitement, preferably contagious excitement over ideas about how to get what you want. I like to try new and different ways of generating excitement and interest.

We at The Interview Doctor are participating in a guest blog contest to share our story with the world! To do this in a big way we are asking our friends, family and fans to show us some love, and vote!

The more clicks, the more love, the greater the chance The Interview Doctor will WIN!!

The contest is simple. Twenty five guest bloggers compete to see whether their blog can generate the most clicks during one week. The guest blogger with the most clicks will win prizes in the form of cash and services. Don’t worry; we will not be taking a vacation with the proceeds. We will invest the prize in The Interview Doctor so we can serve you better.

Voting is open, today through August 19th! So please, show us some love, vote for the Interview Doc on the Job Mob Blog “Things that go bump in the night: Job Interviews and other Nightmares.

Isn’t that a great title? We look at reasons why interviews are so scary to both candidates and (shocker) to hiring managers too. Everyone hates interviews. Once we establish that idea we can consider ways to either be more prepared or take advantage of the other party’s weakness.

No matter your perspective, I think you will enjoy this blog! Our gift to you to thank you for your support.

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What is your Passion?

Passion is the light that keeps us going. It is the energy that makes you get up in the morning. It is the excitement you feel that keeps you with your mate. Passion drives us. Life without passion is boring and gray.

What is your passion? Don’t be one of those people who can’t articulate passion, who wander through life without a goal.

In this video, Katherine Burik shares some ideas about how to find your passion.

What gets you excited when you get up in the morning? Share your passion with us at our LinkedIn group, Job Search Check-up!! Or comment below. We want to know!!